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The Journal of Microbiology & Health Education (JM&HE) is an international journal, intended for the publication of original scientific articles, clinical case, short paper, research note, case report, dissertations and review.

JM&HE  is an independent, on-line publication with annational and international editorial board. JM&HE is open access with no cost to view or download articles and reasonable cost for publication of research artcles, making JM&HE easily availiable to scientists from resource restricted regions.

The Journal is intended to publish original contributions covering different aspects of:

- Microbiology; basic, clinical (bacteriology, parasitology, mycology and virology), industrial (biotechnology), environmental, food, sanitary and agricultural

- Food safety and food toxicology, science and technology

- Education for health; safety, infection prevention, therapy and pharmacotherapeutic monitoring of infections, epidemiology of infections, health education (personal hygiene and health care), healthy eating, drug use and prevention of multi-drug microbial resistance, risk analysis and risk factors that favor the infection.

Sometimes submitted manuscripts need Editorial improvements that require consultation between the authors and the editorial board. JM&HE has a speacilized editorial staff, the Area Coeditors Committee, to work with authors from developing countries to generate an aritcle that meets international publication standards. This may include editing for english, reorganization of the manuscript, or even suggestions on experimental design. Working in an interactive manner, the Area Coeditors Committee and the authors, will be able to achieve not only a manuscript at international standards but also the exchange of ideas and methods for publishing in other international journals.

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Vol. 5 No. 3 (2023)
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