Development of a First Aid Training Program for Teachers in General Basic Education Centers


  • Manuel Aronategui Uniclau Laude International Chiristian University. Florida, EE.UU.


Teachers, Basic Education, First Aid, Training program, Curriculum development


In all levels of the education system, the importance of providing a comprehensive education to students is emphasized. However, this principle should also extend to teachers, as they are responsible for delivering it. While our education system encourages continuous professional development among educators, the focus tends to revolve around curricular content, language proficiency, teaching techniques, and technological innovation. A critical aspect is often overlooked: knowledge and practice of first aid. Teachers in general basic education centers regularly encounter unforeseen situations involving students, such as fainting, seizures, injuries, and accidents. Unfortunately, in most cases, they lack the necessary knowledge or confidence to provide immediate assistance, potentially endangering students' well-being. Given that students spend a significant portion of their day under the care of teachers, it is imperative that educators and even administrative staff, together comprising the educational community, possess the skills to administer first aid. Consequently, providing first aid training to the teaching staff plays a fundamental role in creating a safe environment and offering support in case of accidents. It is essential to identify common accidents that occur in educational settings, understand their consequences and impact, and familiarize teachers with techniques to minimize future complications. Additionally, evaluating the current level of knowledge among teachers regarding first aid is crucial.


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