The lack of updates in Neuroscience influences the personal and academic development of university tutors


  • M. Agustina Gómez Rodríguez Uniclau Laude International Chiristian University. Florida, EE.UU.


Neuroscience, Obsolescence, Personal development, University tutors, Academic


This article is based on the experience of a Professor/Tutor who teaches in various Master's and MBA programs in Spain, specifically in the fields of Human Resources and Neuropsychology. It highlights the lack of knowledge about Neuroscience among the teaching staff, most of whom come from humanities backgrounds, which limits their ability to integrate this knowledge into their teaching areas. The author has contributed to a discussion forum in the field of Human Resources with topics related to Neuroscience applied to work and personal life, receiving a positive response from students who see a direct connection between Emotional Intelligence and the business environment. The motivation for conducting a research thesis that explores the influence of Neuroscience on current academic education is presented. The aim is to provide suggestions without radically altering the educational approach, with the intention of improving the quality of teaching and learning, emphasizing the relevance of Neuroscience in the academic and business fields.


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