Efficacy of a Dynamic and Static Flexibility Program on Joint Range of Motion in High-Performance Athletes


  • Keily Catherine Puerta Mateus Universidad de San Buenaventura. Cartagena de indias, Colombia
  • Gisela del Carmen Castro Villanueva Universidad de San Buenaventura. Cartagena de indias, Colombia
  • Carlos Alberto Severiche Sierra Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios – UNIMINUTO, Colombia
  • Lesbia Rosa Tirado Amador Universidad del Sinú, Colombia


MMuscle Stretching Exercises, Elasticity, Physical Condition, Warm-Up Exercises, Olympic Wrestling


Objectives: The amplitude of joint movement was evaluated by means of Goniometry and muscle tests such as Ober's test, Thomas' test, Ely's test, shoulder flexion-extension test and the trunk flexion-extension test. Methods: The research was of a quantitative approach, longitudinal, temporal, uninterrupted design in two repeated measures, that is, pre-test and post-test with a control group, it had the participation of 27 Lucha Libre athletes, they were assigned into 3 groups, group A performed dynamic stretching, group B, static stretching, and group C (control) who performed regular training. Participants in the intervention group exercised 5 times a week for 2 months, with a total of 24 sections. Results: The amplitude of the joint movement of group A, had greater significance with an increase in the amplitude of 16 movements, by 31.3%, followed by group B with the improvement in 7 joint movements by 13.7% and finally group C with only 3 increase in range of joint movement, by 5.8%. The results of the Levene, Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Withney, and Wilcoxon statistical tests showed that there were significant differences in the variables.  Conclusion: The implementation of the flexibility program achieved an increase in the amplitude of joint movement between the POST measurement with respect to the PRE. Dynamic stretching being more effective.


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