AMESalud A.C.

The Mexican Academy of Health Education A.C. (AMESalud) is a civil association made up of professionals and students from health disciplines. Hosts the JM&HE-Journal of Microbiology & Health Education as a strategy for academic dissemination and scientific research.


Bring together specialists in health education and students to strengthen this area, through socializing the relevance of this science in the well-being of the population, contributing as a consultative body in different social, professional, and governmental spheres, becoming a pillar of support for the professional performance of its members.


Become a professional association, with a national character and international recognition that collaborates with society at the different governmental, municipal, state and national levels, on issues related to health science.


  • Promote health education and disseminate knowledge and its application through dissemination publications and conferences.
  • Stimulate and maintain interest in basic and applied research in related health sciences in Mexico.
  • Promote communication and cooperation of professionals and intellectuals immersed in the study, research and development of health education sciences.
  • Contribute to the teaching of health sciences in the Mexican Republic, both at the basic levels, as well as in higher and higher education.
  • Participate with proposals and join commissions with the three levels of government, in the diffusion and regulation of health, education for health and public health.
  • Manage subsidies from the Federal Government, states and municipalities, to cover partially or totally the expenses that the works demand for the achievement of the objectives of the Association.
  • Promote the linking of researchers with the Social and Industrial Sector through stays or student or professional internships, as well as in higher education institutions and research and development centers.
  • Promote the participation of researchers in applied research projects that contribute to the resolution of the national public health problem.


Our commitment is to keep professionals and students in training updated in this constantly evolving area. If you are interested in being part of our community and accessing exclusive benefits, the first step is to obtain your membership. Join us and stay up to date with advances in health education.

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